File Explorer (Plus Add-On)

File Explorer (Plus Add-On) sehr gutes Programm aus Microsoft Corporation

Release-Datum 10 months ago 1.0.5 version.
FX Plus adds media, networking, and cloud capabilities to FX File Explorer. *** FX PLUS IS ON SALE FOR $1.99: A popular "free" competitor to FX just added lockscreen adware to their app. So enjoy a "buck off" the regular price of FX Plus to tell that competitor the same. ***
If you experience any issues, please contact [email protected]
THIS IS ONLY A LICENSE KEY, NOT AN APPLICATION. You must have the free FX File Explorer application installed to use this add-on; download it here:
If you're not completely satisfied, just email [email protected] with your "Google Order Number" (from your receipt email) within 24 hours and we'll refund your purchase. The Google Play Store only provides refunds within 15 minutes of a purchase.
Please note that this product DOES NOT add root capabilities. For root access, please instead download the free Root add-on:
THIS IS ONLY A LICENSE KEY. You must have FX File Explorer installed for it to work. This add-on will not appear in your application launcher. Its functionality is accessed within FX: you will see two new categories appear on the FX homescreen: "Internet and Network" and "Media" (as shown in the first screenshot). Please install FX and try it out before purchasing:
***********************************************************File/Media Capabilities:
* Create and extract AES-128 and AES-256 encrypted zip files; browse file contents, view images/media without decrypting* Browse/manage installed applications * Browse image and video collections* Browse audio by artist, album, playlist, or view all tracks* Rearrange playlists with drag and drop (multiple files can be rearranged by selecting them)
Network / Cloud Capabilities:
* [NEW] FX Connect: Transfer files and media between two phones directly; connect with NFC or Wi-Fi* [NEW] FX Web Access: Browse and manage files and media using your computer's web browser* Windows networking (SMB)* FTP (including secure FTP-S and FTP-ES)* SSH FTP (Secure Shell FTP)* WebDAV* Cloud Storage: Google Drive (incl. Google Docs), Dropbox, SugarSync, Box (, and SkyDrive (SkyDrive requires Android 2.2 or later)* Stream video and audio media files from SMB, FTP, SSH, Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, and SkyDrive to media player applications* Browse the local network for Windows (SMB) shares* Find FTP and SSH FTP local network shares using multicast DNS (mDNS) service discovery (Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi)* Encrypted keyring (used to avoid entering sensitive passwords in public while not allowing access in event of device theft)* Download and convert Google Drive / Google Docs files into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, PDF, and other formats
Bluetooth Capabilities:
* Send files via OBEX Push (also available on most devices in free version)* Bluetooth FTP Client* Discover / pair devices from within FX File Explorer