Quran Plus

Quran Plus sehr gutes Programm aus Blu Yeti Inc

Release-Datum 6 years ago 2.2.2 version.
Key Features for Quran Plus.

The base version of Quran comes complete with 3 arabic reciters, and 2 english audio translations and an urdu translations.

Arabic reciters included in the base version
- Abdullah Basfar
- Abdul Basit
- Mohammed Ayub

Additional Arabic reciters are available as an in-app purchase.

Quran Plus AUDIO (all in continuous gapless audio)
- 14 ARABIC recitations,
- 3 ENGLISH AUDIO recitations (including NEW Saheeh International - Recorded 2014)
- 1 URDU recitation

You can mix and match any arabic reciter with any of the english audio recitations or URDU.

All the audio is based on continuous gapless audio to give you the best experience without any breaks in the sound.

Watch a introductory video of the New Quran Plus at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoZKwy_eu00

Other great features of Quran Plus include:

• Madinah Mushaf – Perfect rendition of the Uthmani Font Quran
• Majidi Mushaf – Indo Pak Quran
• Ayat-By-Ayat - View of the Quran
• Word-By-Word - view to give you a detailed analysis
• Quran Overview – Synopsis of the Quran
• Quran Topics – Topics by alphabetical order
• Surah Overview – Background info on each Surah

Root words of the entire Quran. You can study the root words.

Translations – Many translations for multiple languages
- English - Yusuf Ali
- English - Maududi (in-app purchase)
- English - Shakir
- English - Mohsin Khan
- English - Saheeh International (in-app purchase)
- English - Pickthall
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Turkish
- Malaysian
- Indonesian
- Urdu
- Chinese

• Transliteration (english)

• Audio Recording – Record yourself in synchronization with the Quran to improve and preserve your recitation

• Hifz (memorization) functionality – repeat ayats, range of ayats, pause time.

• Root Word Database – Entire Database of root words for detail study

• Notes – Group verses into categories or into individual notes. Color Code your notes according to themes.

• Bookmarks – Make bookmarks for individual verses or group verses into a single bookmark. Color Code your bookmarks according to theme.

• Reciters - 11 additional beautiful recitations available with high-quality continuous gapless audio. These are available as an in-app purchase.
Abu Bakr Ash Shatry,
Husary ,
Pickthal (English Audio),
Saheeh International (Audio - in-app purchase),
Shamshad (Urdu Audio)

• Highlight the Quran with custom colors.

• Share verses with friends using social media, Facebook, twitter, email

• Search – In English or in Arabic

Acknowledgement - Quran Root word content provided by http://www.studyquran.org