Poke Locator Radar For Pokemon Go

Poke Locator Radar For Pokemon Go sehr gutes Programm aus Janina Kretschmann

Release-Datum 3 years ago 1.1 version.
Poke Locator for Pokemon GO is an assistant app for discovering the location of any Pokemon thats been found by other players.

- View ALL the nearby Pokémons!
- Add the ones you’ve discovered!
- Filter to find a rare Pokémon!

Poke Locator is in no way affiliate with or endorsed by the Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. This app has been built for fans who love the Pokemon GO game and want to create a community to support the players.
We are not responsible in any way for any injuries or prejudice that could happen while using this app. Be safe while using it!

Map maker locations are user-generated and may not be 100% accurate. We need you to help the community to keep locations updated.